Device setup with Trinnov volume and upmix

Congratulation to ROON and Trinnov, the RR (ROONReady-not


;-)) ) app works on my Meridian Control/Roon application.
The Amethyst is now one zone more on my audio network.
As the ROON app have very interesting features, i want to use some,
but i dont find something like a manual for that?
My first important questions:
1)On the “device setup” and the sheet “playback” of the mriadian/Roon control application,
there is one point where the user can select how many channels ROON should send to the Trinnov Amethyst during playback.

As ROON have “only” two channels, does that mean the ROON app make an “Upmix” to 5.1 or 7.1 channels ?
My Trinniov is setup as a 3.0 layout, but when i select “5.1” or “7.1” channel layout still only stereo is played.
Please give me some info here, what the whole “Channel layout” chapter is.

2)Also under “device setup” under the sheet “General” there are two chapter “External Volume Control” and “External Source Control”. I select both with “Hide Volume Control in ROON”, but both chapters are still grayed out and i cant find a way to enable it. As my LS have digitals inputs and have their own volume control,
i will loose resolution when i use the ROON volume control. At the moment i have to use my Meridian remote control or app to change volume.How i can enable a “volume app” or the “external Volume Control” ?
Please explain and help.

Spoke with TRINNOV–ROON is responseable for that they say

Thanks Robert

Hi @robert_wistrela ----- Thank you for the kind words! Our knowledge base should contain all the information you need!


Thank you Eric Stewart, for the link to the knowledge base.
Very interesting.
Still some items not clear here.
“External volume” control – I cant enable that, so how i do it ?
I decide to “hide volume control in Roon” as my Meridian DSP works with a hybrid of analogue and digital volume control where i have more benefit-better sound-as just with a pure volume control.

As i use a Trinnov amethyst as one zone in the ****meridian network, why not -when i choose “external volume control” also the external volume control for meridian get enabled as iam in a meridian network ?
Can you please make that possible ?

The reason is that otherwise i have to switch between the different sw(trinnov-Roon and Meridian-Roon) or have to use a remote control.
And have a choice in “external source control”, to select the meridian “IP control” app would be a great solution,
but the important one is to have the volume control.
Dont “hide the volume control in ROON” change the volume on the Triinov what i dont want as explained as above(make the sound worse).


When i have a 2.0 source-from Tidal or from my stored audio files on a storage
and want to enable the “upmix” in “device setup”, then i can choose between a 5.1 or 7.1 layout as you see in the screenshot above.
But as i have “only” a 3.0 format (L,R;C)on my Atrinnov Amethyst- ROON is streaming( with a 5.1 layout) : L R C LFE SL SR as an “UPMIX-Audio-Multichannel-Stream” as i have a 2.0 source from Roon.

SO my question is :
Does the L-C-R channels get the full signal, means also the very deep frequencies or does that frequencies are transfered to the fourth channel- the LFE channel ?
That is important, as then i cant use my 3 speakers,
If that is the case PLEASE make the possibility to have layout WITHOUT a LFE channel or the choice to have a layout where the speakers get the full not limited music.


The Meridian audio network doesnt have a “sync lock” for more zones, so its not recommendet:
Meridian’s zone linking implementation does not include a mechanism for clock drift compensation. We do not recommend using it unless you’re using hardware-based clock slaving to keep things in lock-step
Does that also eman that Meridian doesnt have a “ROON ready protocoll” ?

So i cant play with a Meridian network two zones in one room to have a multichannel-audio as they zones are drifting ?

But , ( i know thats maybe sound extreme)
when i use two Trinnov Amethyst in one room (each are one zone),
i can use both together as a Multichannel audio player ?
Means the first Trinnov get the first 3(4)channels in a multichannel layout/upmix , and the second get the side and rear channels (5 to 8)
Of coarse, for that there have to be a choice in Roon which of that 8 channels each of Trinnov devices should play.

Hopefully my thought/wish is clear enough explained.
I know, thats a lot of questions, but iam a Meridian lover over decades !, but since i heared the Trinnov and now in conjunction with your excellent sw, i have to go that way…

thanks Eric, when you take your time to answer my very specific questions here.

BRIAN can you please response ? Thanks Robert

“by the way” i love the “Roon Ready” with Trinnov- :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: