Device startup volume

Variants of this have been posted before, but I do believe that this specific use case is different enough to warrant its own thread. Both me and several of my clients (I’m an audio dealer) use Roon together with Goldmund wireless speakers, where we plug the Goldmund Wireless USB dongle in a Roon core. These are set up using device volume, creating a great sounding and user friendly system.

There is one issue though: whenever the Core reboots (say, in the case of a power failure, or in my own case when I swap configurations in my showroom), the system’s volume defaults to 100. While this doesn’t destroy the speakers (one of the advantages of an active system), it does scare the living daylights out of you if you don’t catch it in time. To get around this, it would be great if Roon offered a “startup volume” option next to the comfort and safety limits (setting the comfort limit doesn’t solve this problem, it jumps to 100 anyway), which would enable one to set the volume a device should default to in the case of a core reboot or a device dis- and reconnect. Possible values should then be either a numerical value, or a “last used”.

Many tanks!