Device volume resets when DAC restarts [Resolved]

I have recently started using RoPiee and I just got a Parasound HINT 6 integrated amp. I am not using any hats. I am connecting to the DAC that is integrated in the HINT 6 using USB. Everything works great except every time that I restart my amp the volume resets to 46 in Roon. I would prefer to have the volume be at max all the time as I use the amp for volume control. I have tried the fixed volume and device volume settings in Roon but no matter what the volume resets when I restart the amp. This is not a big problem but rather a minor annoyance and since it seems to be by DAC that is doing this I doubt that there is anything that can be done but I thought I’d ask just in case anyone has any suggestions. Thanks!

I fixed my problem. I just did a full reimage of Ropieee and now when I use Fixed Volume the setting to set full volume on playback shows up under advanced settings. Before I was getting no settings at all when I selected advanced settings, the settings window would just close.
With the set full volume on playback setting my device is always at 100% volume just like I wanted.

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Old post, but thanks for this. Had run into the same problem with my Hint 6, and didn’t know about this setting. Problem solved!

I do notice, though, that whenever I turn on the Hint 6, Roon shows 2 devices, Parasound USB Audio and Parasound USB Audio #1. I can connect to the 2nd device, and things play, but I get no sound. Do you see the same thing?

Yep, I see the same thing. I assume that it needs to be enabled in Alsa mixer but I’ve never messed around with it because the “Parasound USB Audio” works fine.

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Good to know. Thanks for that.