Devices listed as both Roon Tested and Roon Ready


Naïve question: what does it mean when a device (for exemple: Devialet Phantom II) is both marked as Ready and Tested in the partners page? Thanks,


The device has more than one way of working with roon.
Roon ready only applies to network connected devices.
Roon tested means it might connect via USB and/or Chromecast or Airplay.
So you can have both certifications.

Thanks Ged. That makes sense. But isn’t it true for all Ready devices?

Not if they don’t have a usb port :slightly_smiling_face: or Chromecast etc.
USB is output only on this one.

Not necessarily a lot of devices support AirPlay, chromecast and USB Audio input as well as being Roon Ready but they might not have been tested for other inputs. My Naim Atom is Roon Ready, also had Airplay and Chromecast but neither of these inputs are classed as Roon tested as Roon have not been asked to certify for them. AirPlay and Chromecast work on it fine it only means Roon has not tested them in their labs. All AirPlay and Chromecast devices will work but are not all tested as it’s down to the manufacturer to ask for testing so their might be some edge cases where somethings don’t work as well as they might if Roon tested. Clear as mud isn’t it!


Thanks a lot for your answer. It’s actually Crystal clear (see what I did there?).

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Roon Tested is applicable to DACs only. Some network streamers have no DAC, and simply provide a way for you connect a DAC to the network. These would only have Roon Ready certification.

In contrast, a network streamer that is both Roon Tested and Roon Ready has an integral DAC.