Devices unable to contact Roon Core in mesh network

So here’s an interesting situation. I’ve a WiFi network based on using Eero mesh network of three of their devices. All are wired into switches. One is connected to the same switch as the MacMini running Roon core. Another is wired into a switch that also has the cable modem wired in. Finally the last is also wired into a switch as well. Recently I noticed that with some iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) that had worked fine in the past, they could no longer “see” the Roon core. Yet on the same devices I could use SplashTop to remotely connect and manage Roon. So I knew it was unlikely that I had an issue with Roon. However, using the Fing app to examine the network, there seemed to be some sort of problem. I saw the MacMini but could not ping it. Nor could I get it to successfully scan for any services. I had already uninstalled the Roon app and reinstalled with the same result. Yet I had no similar issues with another iPad I run downstairs in the room with the music system and MacMini.

So it seemed that some sort of mismatch of information was stuck in the craw of the network. Since the Eero is less than forthcoming in details or any real ability to do troubleshooting, I figured that I’d pull the power on the questionable Eero (though again I had no clear way of determining if a specific device was connecting to the Eero I thought might have lost its marbles). Sure enough, once I plugged the Eero back in and it rebooted, and reintegrated into my mesh network everything cleared up. And I’m thinking that this rogue device may have contributed to the problems I had encountered with losing app connection to the Roon core in the past.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass my experiences along.

I have great success with Eero.

Your story reminds me of a T-shirt that said,
“If I’m ever on life support, unplug me. Then plug me back in. See if that works.”

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