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Hi, my Anthem mrx 740 is connected to my windows 10 64 bit PC via ethernet cable and talks to him via lan.
Roon finds my Anthem mrx 740 among the devices (even if it is not roon ready) but it connects it by default through chromecast or airplay and not via ethernet.
I would like to play qobuz via roon through the pc, and via ethernet and not wifi send it to my Anthem mrx 740.
In summary, is it possible to show Roon only the Ethernet connection of my Anthem and not the one via Chromcast?

This is correct behavior. A device needs to be Roon Ready to do what you want… Roon Ready means that the device has the network code in it that allows Roon to see it as a network endpoint.

If Chromecast/Airplay doesn’t suit, then your next alternative is to add a network endpoint device and then connect the output of that device to an input on the amp. They can be as simple as a Pi based (or mini computer based device), to more expensive options. What you want in terms of format and resolution will have some bearing on what device you want to use in this case.

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AirPlay and Chromecast are connected via Ethernet if that’s how the amp is connected to your network. The only work over Wi-Fi if your using Wi-Fi.

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