Diagnosing Issues With Install


I am trying to install Ropieee on a custom piece of Compute Module 3+ based audiophile goodness. This has been supplied to me as is and I cannot even open it up.

I can get into boot mode and flash Ropieee to it but then after leaving boot mode I am quite simply in the dark.

I leave it standing for half an hour and nothing seems to happen. I never see Ropieee come to life as it were.

Is there some way to diagnose what is happening or see logs as Ropieee starts up?

For reference, both Volumio and DietPi boot up and work after being flashed to the device. It is just Ropieee I have issues with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

BTW is Ropieee closed source?

Kind regards,

How are you monitoring Ropieee? Have you been able to determine if it has been allocated an IP address? Are you able to open the admin web page to see what is going on?

No haven’t got as far as it running a webswerver yet - I am trying to ssh onto the box after leaving boot mode. I do not think it has even got an IP address.

First boot can take a deceptively long time. I’d start with a new image and do it again but leave it until the screen you are using tells you an IP has been assigned. It might go through more than one boot sequence. From there, there should be no need to SSH in, all config is via the web interface.