Diagnosing/recovering database after dirty shutdown

Due to my own stupidity I caused my music server to have what I assume was a dirty shutdown this morning (I basically shut down the power at the distribution board without thinking of PCs). Many hours later, after firing up the Linux server running Roon Server I fire up Roon on my iPad only to be asked to provide login credentials and then to be told my internet connection isn’t working (whilst it is, incl. on the iPad). I try Roon from my iPhone and get the same prompt only this time I can login to Roon. I’m then presented with a screen asking where my library is located and on confirming same am presented with a database of 0 entries. It dawns on me I rescanned my entire VA collection last night whilst listening into the wee hours…so my Roon DB had definitely undergone many changes a few hours prior to my unceremonious cutting of power.

In any event, I figure the DB must’ve been corrupted so I stop Roon, copy the DB to a folder for posterity, delete Roon’s database folders and copy back a backup from a week or so back…hopefully I’m going to be back in business listening in a few minutes.

Re the dirty db, is there any way to diagnose/ fix?

Well, not sure what’s happened here, with an older database restored and Roon restarted I get the same…asks for credentials.

My iPhone has been logging in for the past 5 minutes and my iPad shows Initialising…


There’s no network error my side…help please, no tunes :cry:

anyone home?

Hey Evan,

I feel bad for you, unfortunately, I haven’t got a clue when it comes to Linux.

A weird thing happened to me last night though. I went for a walk with my iPhone and Tidal and I when I tried to play some Offline content, Tidal wanted me to Re Login, so I did and got the same Network Error you did. Tried a couple of times with no luck. I then swiped the app closed and restarted and it logged in fine. Very strange.

Don’t know if that would work for you. Seems unlikely though.

Best of luck.

Cheers, Greg

Is the network error related to your database or does it give you the same error when you start with a fresh library?

Don’t know, I got it to update the older db, it spent the night and day analysing files. Luckily it didn’t have to start from scratch. Now things seem normal again I’m going to copy back the db I assumed to be corrupted to see if I can repeat the issue. That’ll at least confirm or deny a corrupt db as the cause. Bizarre being asked to login and then Roon reporting no internet connectivity from devices that were able to access the Internet.

Well, copying it back confirms the issue is the database. Behaviour is now exactly as it was described above.

I guess this comes back to an earlier request:

It’s unlikely the entire database was trashed - some dignostics could possibly have identified the corrupted file(s) and triggered a rebuild of only those data elements.