Diagnostics and metrics information on the ROCK status page

Hi @Eric,

Whilst I understand the reluctance to put diagnostics and metrics information on the ROCK status page, that particular ‘Waiting for remote core’ screen could usefully incorporate a ‘Diagnose’ button to give the user a clue as to where the issue may be. One would only hope to see it briefly normally if at all, but for more stubborn cases it would be very informative and useful.

@Anthony_B ---- Thank you for the suggestion! We always like to hear what our users think will help improve the application.

I have went ahead and moved your post out of the “support” section of community and over to the “feature request” thread as this is really place you will want to offer ideas, comments, and general feedback about the application.

Thanks for the insight!

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Hi! Is it possible to display information about the current frequency, load and temperature of CPU on the System Status page? It would be very useful, especially considering that the SSH access to the ROCK is not available for users.

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