Diamonds in the Rough

Anyone have any audio pieces that fall under the audiophilia radar but are truly an outstanding product? Mainly considering an “affordable” price with awesome features and performance. Seems to me that it’s easier to design a great sounding product that sells in the $10,000 + range than it is in the sub/near $2,000 range.
One that I would like to call attention to is the Wyred4Sound mINT. mINT I purchased this piece about 5 years ago and simply love the sound and features. While it is not my main source any longer I still can not let it go and love listening to it….Kudos to Wyred4Sound on this one.

Another piece very much on the “low end” but truly enjoyable per price & performance…please don’t shoot me for calling attention to a BOSE product:
Bose Soundlink Mini

Would love to hear about your Diamonds…

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Audeze LCD-1.

Basically their ‘cheapest’. But proper headphones.

They must be popular as they are sold out….
I had a pair of Magnepan’s 1.7s but cats destroyed them. Would be interesting to hear the tech in headphones….