Did my internal HD fail? It's missing

My music folder seems to be gone. No internalstorage folder is seen on Windows File Explorer. How can I troubleshoot it? It’s a 2TB HD installed internally inside an Intel NUC NUC7I5BNH. System has been running for 2 full years.

I had been attempting to setup a backup sync to a QNAP NAS, but had problems. Now the folder is gone, but I’m not sure if it’s a case of the internalstorage folder being somehow deleted, or if the HD is actually unrecognized by ROCK at this point.

ROCK is Unix based what if you try to ssh to it and cd to that folder other than trust windows

For starters reboot the nuc

Not sure what file system does ROCK uses to format the disk but as well you may extract the disk from the nuc and mount it to another box to see if you can browse it

Ext4, a Linux file system.

No drive in the web admin page is unfortunately a bit ominous. First try a reboot, otherwise try a new drive. You may be able to mount and recover the drive on a Linux PC, but there’s no Roon guide for doing this in the knowledge base.

I would note that ssh into rock is not going to work, it’s a locked down os with no login.

First thing try reseat everything in the Nuc just for kicks.

Maybe check did the bios sees it too

I would also try the drive in an external usb case to see if the Nuc sees it there.

Thanks for the replies. Nothing had changed on a reboot, and I couldn’t SSH in using PUTTY.

I removed the internal 2TB (non-SSD) HD and put it into a USB3 enclosure. It WAS recognized when plugged into the NUC’s USB port & ROON indexed the songs.

  1. But I was surprised that the ROON webpage, as shown on my first post above, did not change. No storage was listed underneath the “Roon Server Software” section, which was the case previously when it functioned internally. I could view the internalstorage folder remotely on windows explorer and the music files were there. And as I said, ROON was indexing it. So when the music files are stored on an external drive does it not show on the web page?
  2. Unfortunately, when I put the HD back into the NUC’s internal slot it still would not recognize it.

Guess my best option now is to leave it in the external case plugged into the USB port, as that does seem to function properly.

I may try putting a different empty SSD drive internally and see if anything different happens.

OK, this gets weird.

  • Three times I removed the no longer recognized internal 2TB mechanical HD and three times I reinstalled it inside the NUC and each time it was not being recognized by ROCK.

  • But when the drive is installed into a USB3 case it is reconized by ROCK, and the music files are available.

  • Seems like the NUC’s internal connection is bad. However, I installed an old empty 128GB SSD I had into the NUC internal and it WAS recognized by ROCK, and was listed as ready to format in ROON.

  • Just noticed it lists about 3,000 files on the HD when it should be about 15,000 files. Guess it’s time to replace the 2TB HD. I’ve got 600GB in music files, and it’s not growing much any longer now with streaming albums. Guess I’ll buy a 1TB SSD. The 2TB are a bit expensive.

Thanks for listening to my problems!

You should back it up like yesterday!

LOL. I do have music & database backups so I should be able to eventually get it back together.

But I’ve got further problems. I removed the storage HD. The Roon app could not connect to the ROCK server at all, multiple reboots no change. Decided to do the O/S reinstall from the Web admin page. That did not complete successfully, now I can’t access the ROCK at it’s fixed IP address. Looks like I have to start clean. Guess I’ve got my project for the New Years Day holiday.

There might still be a way out of fixed IP address if you private message support - but it sounds possibly like you might have a NUC or maybe power issue - reinstall is easy enough to recover if you have backups anyway.

Well, the 2GB HDD that was installed internally failed totally. After trying it inside and outside, It stopped working in the external case. The HDD could not even be reformatted or intialized in windows disk manager. It’s trash. And 4 months past the 2yr warranty.

Added another HDD into an ext case and all is well now.

Life is like that…its almost like planned obsolescence - you have to wonder.