Did you receive the update notification for version 2.0 today? I don't see an updateable version in the QNAP NAS

Did you receive the update notification for version 2.0 today? I don’t see an updateable version in the QNAP NAS

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The announcement of what Roon 2.0 is will be made at 16:00 UTC today. That may, or may not, say that Roon 2.0 is immediately available - I don’t know, we will have to wait and see.



因为公告将在世界标准时间 16:00(今天晚些时候)发布

Because the announcement will be made at 16:00 UTC (later today)


我也只关心一点,ROON 2.0版本有没有集成苹果公司的AM音乐播放服务!!如果有的话,我会考虑购买ROON永久版,如果没有,那么我还是继续使用foobar!!

I Think UTC is the same as GMT. You can calculate the time of the announcement from there.

Current GMT time and your local time (IP address based, so users of a VPN may not get the correct results) can also be found here: https://greenwichmeantime.com/current-time/

So in my case (The Netherlands), the announcement will be around 6 o’clock this evening.

Don’t hold your breath…

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Thank you for your patience in answering :100:

Apple Store USA - Roon updated to v2.0 on iphone but incompatible with Core 1.8, now waiting for Roon to release core 2.0…

New ARC is in android store. Good that they got that out there ahead of the launch so we can try it out right away when 2.0 lands.

Edit: roon android 2.0 app is now available, too.But, requires 2.0 core, so don’t install it yet!

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Did you read the release notes about the new app ?

Core updates are out now. No reason to fear the update anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

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They likely still fear / are annoyed by QNAP - Not Showing Local Folders Anymore [See Staff Post - Guest Access Temporarily Resolves - Ongoing Investigation] which is there for nearly 1 year. :grimacing:

Roon screen on iPhone has been showing this for the last hour or so, after updating to 2.0

… QNAP NAS of course.

Up and running again after uninstalling and reinstalling Roon Remote on iPhone. You really need 2.0 on control point to be able to get into the 2.0 core apparently (which makes sense).

same here just seen the email and no Roon Core 2.0. Weird

Do you have to be on your home network for initial setup of Roon ARC? My phone says ‘no Roon Cores found’ while at work.

I had no problem installing the new iOS Roon Arc app followed by upgrading my Nucleus+ to Roon 2.0. Now the Roon Arc app appears to work well but the original Roon app displays an “Update required” message. Does anyone know if it intended that we continue to use it while at home?

I had the same problem. Fixed it by logging onto my QNAP NAS, opening Roon Server from apps and then using the reinstall button down the bottom of app screen. It installed 2.0 automatically and all good now.

Don’t see any difference apart from the ability to use ARC, which probably isn’t something I’ll have significant use for, but is a nice option I guess.