Did you receive the update notification for version 2.0 today? I don't see an updateable version in the QNAP NAS

You need to be able to update the core and then forward a port on your router to be able to use ARC on the go. So short answer is yes home network for setup

Thanks @t3kn0thug. I asked my daughter to perform the update but I don’t think she knew exactly what it was. When I got home from work, I had to update all as well as download a new update for my controller via Google Play. All works great now except it doesn’t look like I can random my entire collection of songs like I do at home and via PlexAmp. I may be missing it somehow but I can’t seem to find that function.

I guess you mean Roon Remote? Yes, update it. All instances of Roon need to be v2.0