Didn't load iTunes Playlists [Resolved]

Hi @FLAVIO_BRANCO ----- Thank you for the follow up and my apologies for wait. Things have been a bit slower than I’d like due to the holiday season.

Moving froward, I have just checked on our servers and it looks like we are still waiting for the diagnostics report to arrive. When you last touched base with me, the application was active correct? I just did a quick “test” to see if I had any issues reaching our servers and I did not, so I want to make sure our system is encountering a problem.


Due to the hollidays I’ll be away from my Mac, just next year I will be able to turn it on. I inform you when I arrive back.

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Hi, I’m back on track…
I just updated roon, forced a re-scan, and still not showing the playlists.

Hi Flavio,

Just read this thread and didn’t see whether you have Shared Playlists checked. See here.

Please make sure it’s checked and blue.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg;

By the image you uploaded, what you are asking me is to share the playlists on the iPad!!??
But my problem is that roon is not getting my playlists of my iMac, from iTunes on the Mac. No ipad up till now has been used.

Hi @FLAVIO_BRANCO ---- Thank you for touching base with me, hope 2018 has been treating you well thus far!

Moving forward, I want to get an updated diagnostics report over to our tech team for review being as you are now on the latest version of Roon and the playlists are still not appearing. A reminder that the request for diagnostics will not be fulfilled until the application is active on your core machine. I will keep an eye out on our servers and confirm when the report has been received so you know we have it.

Additionally, I want to point out that Greg’s suggested is indeed valid as this setting will influence the appearance of iTunes generated playlist, imported M3U files, and TIDAL generated playlists. Can you verify for me that you have “shared playlists” enabled in Roon.


Now on my Mac, o went to this setting, and this were the right one, we should have seen this from the begging. Thanks for the help.
No is all Here

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Hi Flavio,

Glad you got it sorted. Just a few things to point out regarding Shared Playlists.

This Shared Playlist button is Remote Device dependant. That means you have to turn it on for both the iPad and Mac, and any other Remote you may use in the future. I think it should be on by default.

The reason for the Shared Playlists button is based on multiple Profiles for your Roon System. If you have more than one person using Roon, each person can have their own Profile. The Profile will store their playlists, tags, play history, and all of their favourites.

Playlists from iTunes, M3U and Tidal are considered Shared Playlists, meaning they are available to every Profile, but the Shared Playlists button must be ON to see them.

Any Playlist that a user (Profile) created within Roon, for example clicking on the 3 dots menu next to a Track, Album, Artist, etc. and selecting Add to a Playlist, will only be visible to that user.

Anyway, if it’s just you using Roon and you only have one Profile, you just have to make sure Shared Playlists is selected.

Lots more information can be found in the Roon User Guide.

Cheers, Greg