Diet Pi on Pi 3 B+ with Pro-Ject S2 DAC

Hi, I’m finding that I get drop outs with the above set up, but when I use an older Model B (vs. B+), I don’t get drop outs. Any thoughts? I purchased the B+ expecting better performance given faster network adapter, CPU etc., but seems to have taken a step backwards! Thanks, Hammer

P.S. I have to say Dietpi is pretty amazing! The ability to easily switch between RAAT and HQPlayer NAA is priceless!

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The B+ needs more power: 2.5A instead of 2.0A. What power source do you use?

Yes, I am using a 2.5A PSU. Upon further research it appears DierPi needs to be optimized for the B+. This was from postings in March…does anyone know if that is still currently (April) the case?