DietPi 6.7 USBBridge, Pro-Ject S2 - No Sound - Solved!

Had to completely reflash the USBBridge and setup…

Upgraded to DietPi 6.7 this morning and now no sound out of my Pro-Ject S2 DAC attached to a USBBridge. I have checked alsamixer and the DAC is there and enabled correctly. Roon detects the DAC just fine as well.

If I enable DSP via Roon all I receive is a popping sound and no audio, I have rebooted both the USBBridge and S2 without success.

Is there another setting I need to confirm?


I also upgraded to 6.7 and got this problem, how did you solve it?

I had to pull the eMMC and reflash and start over. Nothing I tried addressed the issue until I re-flashed.

I found the problem, USB channels where turned off. Enabling them in alsamixer (by pressing ‘m’ over the channels) solved it for me.