DietPi + Allo Web GUI: Now available


I see Debian Stretch for RPi3 is available now. How do I install and access the web interface?

(Dan Knight) #63


Please use the pre-made ready to run image:


Thx Dan. I will try it out tonight.

(Rob OK) #65

Gui installed easily, nice! Not sure what if anything I need it for but very cool!

Formatting is a bit messed up on iPad Pro 9”:


(Richard Thorpe) #66

Dan after I download the image to my Mac I cannot open the file I get error notices that the file is corrupted? Please help

(Richard Thorpe) #67

Dan here is a screen shot

(Dan Knight) #68

Hi Richard,

I’am unable to replicate on windows with 7zip installed. File extracts fine.

Please try re-downloading the image from

If problems persists, you may need to install additional software which should handle 7zip compression better:

(Richard Thorpe) #69

Dan used keka unzip now I can get to the image. Still when I put the IP address ( in my browser (Safari and Firefox) on a Mac I

cannot access the dietpi GUI or the allo GUI.

(Dan Knight) #70

Hi Richard,

I tested the image locally and web interface appears fine here.

Please confirm the IP address of the device, by plugging in a HDMI monitor.

If problems persist, try using http:// before the ip address.
If further issues, please connect a keyboard to the device and run the following command. Take a screenshot/picture if possible:

dietpi-services status

(Richard Thorpe) #71

Thanks Dan here is a screenshot of Terminal:

(Richard Thorpe) #72

Dan here is a screenshot of the Roon audio pannel

(Pawel Walczak) #73

You have very old build v155.
What you can do is to write latest image to eMMC card:

(Richard Thorpe) #74

That is the very build that I downloaded and installed

(Pawel Walczak) #75

But on the screen shot it is clear, v155. This version if I remember correctly didn’t have Allo Web GUI.
Try again, you want to see 6.x not v155.

(Richard Thorpe) #76

I just installed it again. I can only burn a micro SD card Allo never included an adaptor to burn an eMMC. Its a fresh download but in the terminal is says V155?

(Pawel Walczak) #77

And what if you remove eMMC and keep SD only? Will it boot?

(Richard Thorpe) #78

its either or it works fine with a micro Sd but I have the same probelm with Safari access

(Pawel Walczak) #79

Then I don’t know. To me system is booting with 155.
I will give one last try.
Remove both card.
Download again :
Format SD CARD.
Use Etcher to burn new image.
Boot from SD. Login via ssh and publish screen shot again.

(Richard Thorpe) #80

I just did it all again with a different micro SD card and went to the DietPi site and got the latest and in the terminal it still comes up V155, remember this is an Allo Sparky not a Raspberry. Thank for all your help. Allo and DietPi are also working on this.

(Pawel Walczak) #81

Strange. It would mean that the image is wrong under the link. I also have Sparky, and did update few weeks ago, there was for sure version 6 there.
Here you can try Diet Pi without Web GUI -
You will have to install GUI via terminal.
Assuming of course the link is valid.