DietPi + Allo Web GUI: Now available

(Scott Houston) #162

I have spent today tinkering.

Background (as a level set):

  • I chose update via webgui. Resulted in bootloop of eMMC (revealed when plugged into HDMI).
  • Trying to boot from a fresh image on the microSD, with the eMMC still attached meant I kept crashing into an invalid root device error, which spat me to a shell. Ugh.

To Fix:

  1. I had to remove the eMMC card, and install a fresh image of dietpi on the microSD (took some time – multiple reboots / updates – be patient).
  2. Once dietpi was updated and running on the SD card, I then reattached (turn the power off first) and reflashed the eMMC using the instructions posted above (note the “wget” command is helpful to download the diet image directly on to Sparky microSD so that you can then flash it. You could also use a USB stick and mount it).
  3. When the dd copy is complete, then poweroff, remove microSD, and allow the image on the eMMC to bring itself up to date.


  • If you have the eMMC adapter, get the screwdriver out, pull off the eMMC, and flash it directly. Quicker.
  • If not, the above steps may be helpful :slight_smile:


Thanks’s. It’s what i did.
DietPi 6.11 release fixed the GUI button update issue:

To ensure stability and control of updates, they must now be completed outside the web interface, using either local or remote (SSH) terminal

(Scott Houston) #164

Thanks – I have always updated via SSH, except this one time. There’s a lesson in that somewhere.

(Mr Fix It ) #165

Im doing my DietPiSparky and USBridge units now. Netdata status page is rather cool. The new Aluminium cases are rather nice too - but some tweaking was needed to get the Sparky to work with the Kali&Paino-2.1 combo.

(Dan Knight) #166


Updates are not required. If you are happy with your current setup, there is no need to update.

The only issue may come if end user support is required. We are only able to provide support for the current version of DietPi, due to limited man hours.

Allo USBridge board
(Sean) #167

Hey @Dan_Knight

Are there plans for DietPi to support Chromecast (audio, not PiCast)?

Or not possible due to Google restrictions/requirements?


(Magnus) #168

Updated anyway to 6.11, but now its stuck in a boot loop, have to do it the hard way with manually downloading and flashing the eMMC (luckily I have an USB adapter).

(Magnus) #169

Flashing solved it, now running 6.11 and it seems to work fine

(John) #170

Sorry this is a dumb question, but I just received a new DigiOne, a couple of Boss v1.2 Players, and a mini Boss.

Everything above says not to do the DietPi update via the All web GUI, but I don’t know how to do the ‘SSH’ update. Is there an idiots guide of how to do this, and does this mean I have to take out the mini SD card and do on my laptop? Also reading on here about having to flash the ‘eMMC’, and again this is double dutch to me (sorry)

I don’t even know how to check what’s the latest version of DietPi that the Allo’s came with (can’t see anything via the Allo web GUI), and does this also have te be done via Linux or wherever (no doubt this is another dumb question, sorry).

I’ve went to the links for DietPi, but the first link is to a thread from 2017 and the 2nd only goes up to 6.10. Not having a go at DietPi here as can see from this thread they (he/she) are responsive to comments, but just looking for some direction:

DietPi - Web GUI Image
DietPi-Software | Details for ALL installation options

Thanks for any advice.

(Scott Houston) #171

Presuming you have access to a windows machine, download and install a freeware program called “putty”.

In putty, punch in the IP address of your Allo machine (look in Roon audio setup page, or your router, to find this).

You will then see a simple screen asking you to log in – this is your, connected turn the Allo device, via SSH. Username is “root”, password is “dietpi”.

From there, you should be presented with a list of options (e.g. dietpi-update).

Any drama, get back to me. There’s probably a guide :slight_smile: I’m doing this from memory.

(John) #172


Realise appreciate the quick reply.

Unfortunately I only have Mac’s and don’t have any Window’s machine, but appreciate your help :+1:


(Nathan Wilkes) #173

Terminal, possibly in your Utilities folder, is the OSX equivalent of putty.

(John) #174


Yep, terminal I know off, just not used it very often (scared I will stuff things up big time). I assume the instructions Scott said above about punching in my DigiOne ip address (or Boss Player) will get me to the front screen enabling me to get to the ‘root’.

When I get home from work tonight I’ll give it a go.


(Scott Houston) #175


I would expect yes – you’ll probably have type “SSH” ( or whatever IP is for that last part). I am guessing that all Mac is like Linux in this respect (both are Unix flavours, as I understand it).

(Mikael Ollars) #176

Just a slight correction, replace the ipadress below with yours;
ssh root@
Otherwise MacOS’s Terminal will try and use your current username.
Besides that it’s a simple task.

(Mark Edwards) #177

Hi @Celts88

I went through this the other day, I am also a complete novice.

Start a terminal window in MacOS, Terminal can be found in the Utilities folder.


ssh root@(IP address of your Allo product)

Then press return.


When it prompts you for a password type:


Then press return.

At the prompt type:


I hope this helps.

(Mark Edwards) #178

If you get a time sync failure, you may need to follow these instructions:

At the prompt, type:


Select ->advanced options -> time sync mode -> disable
then type:


(John) #179

You guys are amazing, really appreciate all the replies :star_struck:


I’ll give it a try when I get home from work in a few hours and appreciate pointing out the potential time sync failure, now I’ve a 2nd option to try if I hit a snag :+1:


PS Mark - take it you live downunder too, what with the skippy pic

(Mark Edwards) #180

Sure do but I am originally from Swindon. Don’t laugh :smile:

(John) #181


I’m originally from Johnstone (a small town outside Paisley, Scotland), hence my Celticfc profile pic (us Sweaty Socks). Been in oz since '88 so well and truly Aussiefide long time ago :crazy_face: