DietPi and power consumption

I just picked up a TeraDak U9 power supply for my RpI and I apparently wasn’t paying very close attention as its rated at 800ma output.
Anyone know what DietPi does for consumption (I’m guessing its pretty low.)

I was using an apple 10w iPad power supply and I’m not sure the Teradak sounds better.

Anyway I can be close to 800ma?

They spec 2.5a and I’ve seen 1a supplies cause issues so hope its returnable unless you have another use.

I know they spec 2.5ah, but in reality dietpi is low consumption and with roon we aren’t
taxing the Rpi very hard…no hdmi, no keyboards, only one OS and one piece of software

@Stephen_Brooks as I noted I have seen 1A not being enough to reliably run just a RPi 3B (HDMI needed to see whats going on) as when it boots up you should get a FULL screen rainbow coloured square…if its a small one in the top right then its detecting under supply.

It certainly won’t hurt to try and see how it goes YMMV

I ran DietPi with a 7" touchscreen with a single 1.1amp power supply without issues. I only needed the screen so I could see it’s IP address for setup but it worked fine (nothing else attached to the Pi) even with Roon playing. I then removed the touchscreen for use somewhere else.

It’s mainly bootup where max current is needed. 800mA should be fine after bootup (with nothing else attached to the Pi) but not sure if bootup would be an issue with 800mA.

@Dan_Knight is the man to ask