Dietpi as endpoint and what's playing on TV

I am using Allo digione as Roon endpoint to my AV receiver through digital coaxial. The TV is off when I listen.

Just wonder how can I display what song is playing as well. Like this

I tried the HDMI output from dietpi. It’s only a text based console.

You need a Google Chromecast.

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How do I use google chromecast for this scenario?

Configure the Cromecast so it is in the same IP range as you Roon Core. Go to Roon settings/displays.

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You won’t get the screen you have shown.

You will get an abbreviated screen that displays the album, a picture of the group, the title of the current track, and a progress bar.

Chromecast doesn’t display a ‘Play Now’ screen or the current queue in its entirety…

I’ve never used it and it only works on an RPi, but the Ropeee OS may be more what you want.

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Thanks. In fact my onkyo amp has chromecast built-in. But it doesn’t shown in Roon…so strange.

Is it in the same IP range?

My Onkyo with chromecast built in does show up as an endpoint in room but it doesn’t work for crap lol.

much better just adding a chromecast dongle.

Yes, and I can see it from iPhone app “Google Home”

Does the Chromecast shows up in Roon/Settings/Audio?

And does it show up in Roon/Settings/Displays?

After I disable and reenable the chromecasta built-in service in the Onkyo AV Receiver, it shows in the settings -> audio now. But still not shown in the settings -> displays.