DietPi GMRender does not pass MQA from DigiOne

Using Audirvana’s UPnP to play music via an Allo DigiOne running GMRender, Tidal MQA files somehow lose their integrity for a decoder connected by SPDIF. When I play these same files using Roon, the DigiOne happily outputs MQA for decoding. Same equipment and physical connections, but no MQA for the decoder when coming from Audirvana.

Note that Audirvana’s UPnP does successfully play Tidal MQA if I use a different RPi3 endpoint, also running GMRender, when connected by USB to either of two MQA-capable DACs. Curious.

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In Roon, I had to setup my DigiOne with no MQA capabilities since I have a Chord 2Qute. The default was Decoder and Renderer, so I changed things to get the correct sample rate after first unfold, i.e. Device Setup > MQA Capabilities > No MQA Support.

Maybe there is a similar option in Audirvana that defaults to the No MQA Support equivalent and ? The DigiOne is simply a transport, so I doubt that it’s the culprit. When using USB Roon (and I’m guessing Audirvana) will recognise the DAC and therefore configure for MQA; this isn’t possible using the DigiOne.