DietPi or Ropieee as a Roon EndPoint?


Wanted to check if anyone can advise which is better as an RoonBridge Endpoint? DietPi or Ropieee?

Any difference in sound?

Thanks for the advise

No difference in sound.
I have used Dietpi for a couple of years, now using Ropieee that is even better suited to work with Roon.

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I run ropieee almost exclusively…bar a coupe Allo Sparkys and one DietPi for Raspotify - which RopieeeXL can do now too so that will go back to Ropieee

I’ve got both DietPi and Ropieee in my setup. I’ve had a few weirdnesses with DietPi that were fixed by moving to Ropieee. Ropieee seems to be rock solid. I don’t know whether that’s because Ropieee is based on Arch whereas DietPi is based on Debian. I have the impression that Ropieee is perfect and dedicated to the task, whereas DietPi is many things to many people, and does Roon quite well but not perfectly.

That said, the reason I am still using DietPi is that Ropieee refuses (policy decision) to use the built-in audio on a Raspberry Pi, which can be useful for non-hifi systems like in the kitchen.

Ropieee in its none XL form has been written purely for Roon in much the same way as ROCK. It also has the screen and remote options which gives it greater functionality over a ‘pure’ RoonBridge application. I would agree that in terms of sound quality there is nothing between them but in terms of Roon specific functionality Ropieee has it hands down for me. As a result my Odroid C2 with DietPi has been put into service elsewhere. But then DietPi let’s you do that!

thanks everyone for the feedback :slight_smile:

sorry if this question does not belong here, i would like to get some information about how Roon Rock handles files on Nuc exactly.
i installed Roon Rock successfully on Nuc8i3 and all good, next i will use Allo sig. one rpi3+ with dietpi as endpoint and send coaxial signal to dyns. active speakers.

my question is:

  1. if i stream flac from tidal to Rock ( ex. not MQA), and if i use absolutely no eq. or anything, does Rock send the music file straight forward to rasperry pie, or converts the music file to LPCM, and then sends it trough router to rpi?

  2. if Rock does MQA first unfold, or uses any kind of eq. Does that mean, it converts to lpcm, then unfolds or applies eq. , then converts it back to file and sends or… how is this part happening

Reason i’m asking is, i’m planning on using linear pws. for pi, but wondering if nuc would benefit from it too.