DietPi roon bridge endless update loop?

Roon Core Machine

You’d think after 15 attempts to download that it might in fact do so…but no.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Library Size

Description of Issue

Maybe click another side bar item and then “About” again; it may be a displaying artifact only…

The DietPi developer has been MIA on this site for quite a while.

Unless you have specific requirements other than Roon, instead try Ropieee.

Roon Problem of the Day #97:

So, it’s normal ti be summarily thrown out of your Qobuz account and have to re-login over and over again from Roon. I can live with that deficiency.

But when you login and STILL CAN’T PLAY ANYTHING it becomes ever so slightly unnerving. All plays perfectly from the Qobuz IOS app, it’s within Roon that it doesn’t work. Oh well…

That’s not normal. Something is amiss in your setup.

If you want some help, tell @support about your setup as was asked in the form that was presented to you when you made a thread in this section of the forum.

Hey @Karin_Grusz,

Thank you for letting us know of the behavior you’re experiencing. We’d love to help.

Just as @xxx has suggested, could you please provide us with details about your setup and issue? That will give us an idea of what might be going on and allow us to offer troubleshooting steps :nerd_face: .

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