Dif.Volume ~ Formats

Hello ROON

When i play some DSD files in library…the volume is way lower, when i stream through TIDAL…20DB on my Amp
Anyway to fix this?

Thnks…from Dk

Hello @Morten_Valbjorn,

Many DSD files have low levels of volume, as well as a large dynamic range, causing them to stand out compared to regular PCM. One thing you can try is enabling Roon’s “Volume Leveling” feature in the Zone Settings screen. You can get to Zone Settings by clicking on the volume widget, and then clicking the ‘gears’.

One thing to keep in mind, because of the way DSP works in regards to DSD files, you may notice that the DSD modulator will go unstable when trying to increase the volume of a file by too large of a value. If you find that you are encountering this often, an option could be to use Roon’s Sample Rate Conversion to convert to PCM before applying volume leveling.



Thnks for this… very usefull…try it when job is done…
Il be back