Difference Between Favoriting a Song VS Adding to Library

What is the difference between the two?

Also I find myself unable to delete tracks from favorites via Roon unless I go into Qobuz interface. Is it possible to delete tracks via Roon whether it is from library or from favorites?

Thank you.

Does reading the KB-article about Qobuz answer your questions?

Strange it does not mention how to remove tracks from library.

Also when after made as favorite as artist in Roon, it does not show up in the Qobuz favorite artists section no matter how many times I sync.

Yes, it can be confusing. The important distinction to keep in mind is that a favourited item in Roon is not the same as a favourited item in TIDAL/Qobuz (T/Q for short).

If you favourite a track or album in the streaming service, it is added to your library in Roon, but not as a favourite. If you delete this item, it will be unfavourited (is that a word?) in T/Q.

Deleting is done by using the 3 dots edit function. See the KB.

If you favourite a track or album or artist in Roon, that applies just to your library and has no effect in T/Q.

(If you attempt to delete just a track in Roon, then the whole album gets deleted too - just the way it is. Use Hide instead)

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