Difference between Nucleus Plus and Nucleus PLUS REVB?

i want to buy a roon nucleus

Difference between Nucleus Plus and Nucleus PLUS REVB?

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I believe the Rev B is the newest version of the Nucleus Plus. Not sure what all has changed but it does have 2 HDMI slots vs 1 HDMI slot for the original. The second slot would certainly come in handy in my system setup.

1 more HDMI, support for 15mm drives

Is the size of the Nucleus on the latest version bigger or smaller?

Current Nucleus+ dimensions: Approx 10.5” x 10.5” x 2.5”

You no longer have to squeeze the SSD above the Intel NUC. It now sits off to the side and can be, as Danny said, 15mm thick vs the old model where you were limited to around 9mm I believe?

Be nice if Roon would update their spec pages and Roon Knowledge Base data to reflect the latest size and internal configuration changes…hint, hint.


Any other difference between plus rev A rev B in terms of performance improvement?

rev b is a bit faster

I just bought the Roon Nucleus+ Rev B. In my other nucleus+ Rev A I have an SSD with music files installed on it. I want to transfer the SSD to the new device, the Rev B. Can I just transfer it from one to the other without formatting the device? Or do I need to format the device using Roon web administration all over again and then reloading the SSD drive with the music files
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You can transfer it

You mean by just swapping it out from one unit to the other without having to format it? Right?

correct, no formatting. you will need to transfer your roon db though … backup + restore

What are the steps involved in data back up and restore?

For the last three days I’ve been having a problem with the Roon app on my iPhone. While it is open and I’m playing music it’s suddenly shuts down. At other times it shuts down when I’m not even playing anything. It also shuts down at times when I open Tidal within the app. In addition, sometimes when I open my favorites tracks in TIDAL I get the message “failed to load favorite tracks“. Three days ago when my TIDAL account got hacked it was shutting down a lot more often and Tidal was virtually in accessible. So I called them up and changed my account. The problem is much better now but it still shuts down at times. Could it be because of the Internet connection? These days it is a bit slow and my Internet service provider said because of the COVID-19 situation too many people are using the Internet and slowing it down

I would raise this as in the support category as you may get more attention there.

Here’s what I did; there was an update on the iPhone and after that it is OK so far. Let’s see if it continues to be fine and if not I will contact the support people as you suggested

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On the Nucleus+ rev A There is an upper & lower USB. Believe the rev A is based on a NUC6. The NUC6 has a mix of USB 2 & 3.
Can you advise what each of USB on rev A is, both 3 or mix of 2 & 3 and if a mix which is the 3, the upper or lower?

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Not necessarily. My rev A is a NUC7

we never used NUC6

All ports are 3 on the Nucleus

Thanks Danny!