Difference between Roon/Sonos integration and using Airplay to Sonos AMP?

I have the new Sonos AMP and do direct from Roon to Sonos for it or just Airplay to it. Is there any advantage to one or the other? I now the Sonos integration isn’t full RAAT. I’m not really clear on what the Roon/Sonos integration entails.

Nobody knows why use Roon to Sonos instead of Roon to Airplay?

I would always choose Roon to Sonos, but i don’t know any of the technical details. Roon built an integration with Sonos using the Sonos API. For Airplay, both Sonos and Roon built to the Airplay standard (a third party), so that is why I choose it. But I don’t know if the resolution is less on Airplay?

Thanks. Should not be less resolution. If the rumored Sonos upgrade are announced on May 6th there may be finally hi res playback on Sonos.

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