Difference between the 4 DSP settings in terms of sound quality

Hi, I would like to please ask about the different sound quality using DSP. In layman’s terms, without too many technical explanations please :slight_smile:

  1. Minimum phase = better transients for rock or jazz?
  2. Linear phase = better soundstage and space for live recordings or classical?
  3. Precise = ?
  4. Smooth = ?
  5. Which setting is better for Bass?
  6. Which setting is better for Midrange?
  7. What do the different combinations mean in terms of sound quality?
    For example, how does Smooth, Linear phase compare with Smooth, Minimum phase or Precise, Linear phase or Precise, Minimum phase?

Thank you.

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Ok, in layman’s terms you need to try and work out which sounds best to you in your system.
Better bass, midrange, sound quality etc. have no universal answers with DSP settings…

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I always end up moving between minimum and linear and don’t notice alot of difference, however given the sheer breadth of music available via Roon with Tidal I do not stay on one recording for long. I keep meaning to go back and listen to few well known tracks and test back and forth and so on. I am currently thinking Smooth Minimum Phase for most of my listening (rock/rock/electronic). Every now and again I do try and read up on the subject before quickly becoming overwhelmed…

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Look what I found if you have not seen this: