Difference betwen "roon ready" and "networked"

I have several Roon endpoints, which appear under different categories in settings / audio:

The Hifiberry Digi+ and the Rossini appear as Roon Ready
The Odroid C2 with Roon Bridge appears as Networked
Can someone tell me what the difference is regarding functionality?
Thanks a lot

Roon Ready is the highest level of Roon integration available to partners, and means that Roon technology is actually customized for, and embedded into, their devices.

It’s a designation given to audio player hardware products that have both implemented RAAT, and have been certified by Roon Labs for proper implementation.

Networked means that a Roon Endpoint has been detected, i.e. something that is running the Roon Bridge software.

More info in the KB here.

Thanks for the clarification, Geoff_Coupe.
My Odroid C2 with Roon Bridge happily streams using RAAT, so the only difference seems to be that the Odroid C2 / Roon Bridge combination has not been certified by Roon Labs, while the RP3+/hifiberry Digi+ Pro combination has.
From a functionality point of view there should not be any difference, should there?
Is that correct?

It’s more than that. For a start, Roon Ready devices just need to be on the network, and not connected to a Roon Bridge. Also, there is full two-way communication between Roon and Roon Ready devices, something which is generally not possible with devices connected to a Roon Bridge via USB, SPDIF, etc.; although you can stream to pretty much any device connected to a Roon Bridge.

The first link in Geoff’s post explains it pretty well.

Thanks, joel
I think I understand the following:

  • a roon ready device lets roon communicate with the complete device (i.e. the hifiberry dac or digi+ pro HAT on the Raspberry) bidirectionally
  • a roon networked device lets roon communicate with the roon bridge software, but not with the attached USB DAC
    Is this correct?

Yup, at a high level, that’s pretty much it.