Difference in configurations between platforms on Roon 1.3 build 196

When I run the Roon remote on the W10/64 bit hosting the server, none of my Squeezeboxes appear, and no Internet Radio stations from my pre-upgrade list appears. The Squeezes and the Internet Radio station do howeever appear when I run the latest Roon remote on my Samsung S7. Anyone else noticed this?

It sounds like you might have accidentally activated a second core within your remote on the Windows machine.

Open up settings, and look at where it says “This Mac” in my screenshot:

If it says “This PC”, that’s probably what happened. Click “Disconnect” and try to browse to your [real] Core.

If you don’t intend to use that remote as a “standalone” core+remote installation, you may also want to log your account out of it so it’s not consuming system resources.

Hi, thanks for your speedy response! It seems your advice worked. Tried twice, it didn’t work the first time around, but the second. On both occasions I selected “HTPC”. But I am not sure what the difference between the two alternatives are, since “This PC” and “HTPC” are the same PC.
Furthermore I am not sure about the account-advice. I often sit in front of the telly (showing the HTPC desktop and HTPC connected to my AV receiver) running Roon Remote. I still should be logged into my account, shouldn’t I?