Difference memory usage Roon app vs Roon server

Hi folks, I am currently running the Roon app as a core on my headless Mac Mini. The app needs a fair amount of memory and I am considering switching to the Roon server to save some memory. So my question is, does this make sense? Will Roon server use less memory that a switch to Roon server be a good idea or are the savings miniscule?


What are the specs of the macmini…and how big is your library. it might help a little but the devil is in the details of your library size and system specs like ram/cpu etc

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Hi, it’s a Late 2014 Mac Mini sporting an 2,4 i5 with 4 cores. 8gb ram and 1tb ssd. Library is about 3100 songs plus Qobuz if thats relevant.


As I some time on hand I just installed Roon server. Memory usage in activity monitor for Roon app was about 1,14GB. Memory usage with Roon server is about 580MB… well worth the switch.


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