Differences between the laptop and an iOS device


I have Roon on a laptop, server and player. It’s connected to a dac (Chord Mojo) then to my rig.

I am planning changing the rooms in my house and I want to move this laptop away from the rig, and, I would like to not have a computer near the rig (only TV and amp).

After Roon 1.3 I can see and “drive” my iOS devices as players.

My question is what differences in playback quality I can have between:

Laptop>Roon Server/Client>DAC>AMP

iPhone>Roon app>DAC>AMP

The first thing I think is about ASIO that I won’t have it. Other thoughts?

One important difference I ran into was that my USB DAC, which drew its power from my laptop, needed a new power source. Not really a big deal, except that I had to order one before I could try my iPad as an endpoint with the DAC.

I’m still evaluating playback quality, although I can say I’m not noticing significant differences with Tidal or with HiRes flac files. Everything still sounds very good.

It’s very interesting, I could avoid to use a laptop most of the time and having the same quality to my dac.