Differences between U.S. Beta and Rest of the World

I finally received my invitation to join the Qobuz beta however the email indicates that “our library isn’t complete yet” and “additional features such as SONOS etc.” will be added at a future date. WHAT GIVES? Why would I pay for a partial library if they haven’t secured licenses to stream in the U.S. the vast library they already offer in Europe? ALSO SONOS works in Europe NOW. If they’re providing less than what you can get with a spoofed location in Europe via a VPN for the same money, WHY would anyone join a lesser “beta” at full price? If they’re providing a smaller library and fewer features how about discounting this “lesser” service?

They’re charging to join a beta program?


In speaking with them I was told that their catalog is expected to complete by the end of February.

I have been in the Beta for a few weeks, but I will not be paying for Qobuz until I know what their full catalog looks like.

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This whole American Qobuz installation seems to be an ongoing circle jerk.

No, they’re not.

Actually they’re providing (according to the email) a “free 30 day trial” after which presumably the billing begins.

Exactly. Mine started yesterday - 2/6/19. The email says they’ll bill me on 3/5/19 (if I haven’t cancelled before then).

Same for me. Also, I don’t see Roon playing the tracks at full resolution.

They may not have streaming rights for all the tracks at full resolution. Play them in the actual Qobuz app and see what you get. If you get hi-res there, it means either the meta data is wrong or there is an issue with Roon/Qobuz.

I don’t see it as a big problem. The beta program gives you the chance to try them out and see if it suits you. The catalog isn’t complete, but it’s pretty big. You don’t have to sign up after the 30 day trial, you can wait and see what it’s like in a few weeks when it is out of Beta.
In any case it will probably take even longer till they totally fill out the catalog for the US.

If you started the Beta and regret it, write them and tell them you want to stop your trial until it is out of Beta. I bet they will agree to that.

Here inEurope (Germany)I am missing about 25% of the music Inhave on Tidal - not so much mainstream & pop music but Tidal is way stronger on independent/alternative from Punkrock to singer/songwriter.

My punk and alternative playlists are missing some very elemental stuff…