Differences on Tidal between Roon and Standalone

I’ve seen a number of threads referring to differences we see when viewing Tidal via Roon versus Tidal standalone. However, I can’t seem to find answers about this kind of issue.

Case in point:

If I do a Roon/Tidal search for Alison Krauss, within Roon I see only two Main Albums, “New Favorite” and “A Hundred Miles or More…” Further complicating that is that “A Hundred Miles or More…” only contains one track.

If I do the same artist search for Alison on Tidal standalone, I see 12 albums, scads of appearances on…, and “A Hundred Miles or More…” has the full suite of song titles within it.

  • Does this sort of thing happen often?

  • If so, how do we expand the search from within Roon to include all that Tidal has to offer?

  • Am I missing something? (Besides albums and songs. :smile:) Some setting?

I’d hate to think that for all Tidal has to offer, albums and tracks are somehow being throttled through Roon. Or, might this be a one-off situation?


Hey @Rob_Hanson – give this a read Tidal library not showing all albums for an artist and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, @mike Mike.

Since that was written 17d ago, I might expect that you’re still working on the issue. Is that correct? Are you suggesting (via your linked post) that this is a bug?

And should I clear my Tidal cache, as was suggested in another post that I saw?

I guess I’m surprised at this. I can understand how two artists with the same name can cause confusion, as well as other identity-related issues. But it seems to me that Alison Krauss’ issue shouldn’t be such an problem… she’s a popular artist, not much name confusion, the albums have been out for quite a while, no new releases, etc.

So, I guess I do have a question remaining: Why are the search results (still) so widely disparate between the two, particularly for this famous and popular artist? Only 1.1 albums on Roon/Tidal versus a dozen Mains and dozen more Appearances on Tidal straight-up?

Thanks. Just trying to wrap my head around the diffs.


Hey Rob,

I show about 14 of her Tidal albums in Roon. It looks like it may be an issue with your setup.

Maybe clearing the cache would help, although I know nothing about this and would wait for someone more knowledgeable to suggest it.

Cheers, Greg

@Greg Thanks for letting me know that. I’ll have to pursue this further. (I just noticed a similar issue with Lucinda Williams.)

May I ask: How did you search, exactly?

Having asked that, I just noticed something interesting:

From the main screen in Roon, Overview, I hit the search box and enter “Alison Krauss”. The results screen is split up with “Top Result” – “Top Artist Result” ‘Alison Krauss’ at the top, with a picture of her at the beach. Below that are Library Artists or TIDAL Artists, then Library Albums or TIDAL Albums, etc.

If I click on the third row for TIDAL Albums, then Show All, I see a mess of albums, including the one I had wanted to play, in complete form.

Now: Go back to the search results screen and click on the picture of Krauss on the beach, i.e., Top Artist Result.

The return is substantially different. Here, we get only 3 main albums and a few appearances based on my library.

So, the good news is that by bypassing the Top Artist Result badge I can access many of the albums. The weird news is that by clicking on the Top Artist Result returns quite a different set of options.

I would have thought that all roads would lead to the same result, but something seems to be off about this.

Hi Rob,

Are you sure you are scrolling down far enough on the Artist page?

Are your two Main Albums, “New Favorite” and “A Hundred Miles or More…” Tidal albums or are they files on your system?

My search shows results just like yours.

Cheers, Greg

When in the Tidal section near the bottom of the Artist view search, select a Tidal album and click “Add to Library”. This album will then be viewed along with the A Krauss albums you have ripped.

@Sunrise Thanks. I do that on occasion.

@Greg I’m looking for a forehead-slap emoji. :confounded: That’ll have to do.

It may very well be that I simply didn’t scroll down far enough. Sounds silly, but there you have it.

Fortunately, most of my “problems” with Roon are a usage problem, not a bug or quirk.


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Hi @Rob_Hanson, glad you got it figured out. Don’t feel bad about not seeing it right away, there’s so much included in the software, it’s easy to miss things.

On my setup, I’m not interested in seeing the Top Tracks in the Artist page, so I collapse that section by clicking on the Top Tracks - . You can do the same for the Concerts area too, if you want. That way I don’t have to scroll down as far to get to the albums, which I’m more interested in. It’s an option based on a persons preference.

Anyway, just explore, you’ll be surprised what you find. I’m still discovering stuff all the time.

Cheers, Greg


@mike I see the opposite problem. Look up Stefano Battaglia: Tidal standalone shows three albums, plus one “appears on”; through Roon, I get several more Tidal albums, some marked unavailable but some fully functional.

Hi. Sorry for reviving this old topic but I was looking to play some of the MQA files from Tidal through Roon today and went searching for a track I have locally in Hires from Tigerlily by Natalie Merchant.

I got the same issues that Rob seemed to get in that I searched for the Artist in Roon and if I click Tidal Artist or Top Result Artist there are only 3 albums. If I scroll down to Tidal Albums instead I get access to more albums including 2 copies of Tigerlily, one in CD quality and 1 in MQA.

Using the Tidal app on iPad or Mac I can see all the artist’s albums straight from the main search.

It seems to me that Roon is not showing any Albums that already exist in my local library even if the version (MQA in this case) is different.

The same thing happens when I search for Neko Case albums - the MQA version of her last album isn’t seen in the search (I have a local copy) but two versions of her 8 disc retrospective including the MQA version do.

I guess I would like to know - is this a bug (as suggested over a year ago) or a feature. Hope not, cos its pants.

Is there any way to recover the full search of the tidal library within Roon rather than what seems to be only what is missing from my own collection of files?


AFAIK this is the way it is meant to work. Why do you want to see things in Tidal that are already in your library? This just duplicates things and clutters up the screen.

If you have a good use case then outline it and add it to the feature requests and I’m sure Roon will consider it.

It is hardly cluttered given how well Roon displays album art. There is a tab for my own music and a tab for music available on tidal. The albums I already own that are available on tidal do in fact show up using one type of search (tidal albums) and not with another (tidal artists) as I described so it seems to be a bug rather than a feature. I am not describing the view of “my library” seen when you browse your collection, rather a search of the tidal database.

As for a use for this feature - again, I think I described one. The MQA recordings are not the same version that I own in my library but are not visible when searched for by tidal artist name as above. Same recording, different version. Even a different album cover in the case of the neko case album.

If I hadn’t seen them on the tidal app I wouldn’t have known to keep searching for them in roon. I don’t think a database search should arbitrarily exclude information.