Different album covers for discs in a boxset

I understand that, I does not make sense to me since they are different releases regardless the original track provenience, but i get your point.

Just for fun, if you add Track A1 from the Best Of album to a Playlist, what will make sense to see, the original cover (Album A) or the cover of the album where the added track actually belongs (Best Of)?

I’d expect it to have the art from “The Best of” but that’s not necessarily what I’d want! :slight_smile:

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Here’s a (popular) box set, I have it on CD, 10 albums with covers:

But Roon shows one cover: for the box…

I’d like for Roon to show the box cover in my library, but the album covers when playing. Simples :grinning:


having the tools to allow us to manually (or automatically) set a cover for each tree level will cover any imaginable possibility wanted or expected by any of us. Given the answer I’ve got from @dany for a similar suggestion regarding the Boolean logic in focus (the ability to combine anything and everything by any given Boolean operator) i won’t hold my breath on this one neither…


Yes. I have volume 1, and there I used “Work” and “Part” tags in SongKong to identify the individual discs in the track listing of the set (which is otherwise mysterious):

I will often import “box sets” as individual albums for this reason. I prefer to have the album art over Roon treating these albums as a set. Kind of sucks. Would be nice if I could drop images in the proper directory and Roon cycle the art between the box set and the specific disc in the box.

Allowing a Tag an individual image would help, for Box Read Tag, the RoonAlbumTag allows an auto tag creation already

Treat each album within the Tag as an individual album along with its own artwork

Doesn’t work for all but a Tag specific image would cover a lot of eventualities

The final frontier, especially in classical is to use the other tools to get where you want, Composer, Composition etc

The 1.8 revision to Focus helps in all but massive boxes

The debate will continue, that’s why I run JRiver in parallel to Andre big boxes :smiling_imp:


Surely Roon can address these few outstanding issues so that people that continue to use 2 music apps in parallel can switch to just using Roon. I mean as far as these kind of apps go, Roon costs a lot of money. I’m not suggesting that it’s not worth it, I just think that the team could focus a little more on the long-standing bug-bears that have been a source of frustration for a significant set of the user group for a long time. There seems to have been a lot of branching out into links with other hardware companies and third parties, developing the Nucleus, etc, accordingly with a lack of focus on the core function of the app itself - the display of metadata. This was, after all, what drew most of us to Roon in the first place.


That’s the thing: in ronn’s eye significant has a very different signification…

Well, the squeaky wheel gets the oil, which is why its worth bumping these long standing requests/suggestions from time to time. Nice to see people are voting this request up now.

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Rolling Stones “Maximum CD” Russian released 30 CD box set drives me crazy. I also want to be able to see one box set in albums view and the album cover for each release when I select that disc within the box. I spent hours manually editing my metadata and it’s still not complete.