Different album views for different family members

Hello, this is my first post so my apologies if the answer is easily found, however I haven’t been able to find one that does what I want yet. I have recently started using Roon and like the “experience” and sound quality enough to have bought the one year licence. My only slight frustration so far is that I can see all of my sons favourites on Tidal in my album view. No doubt they are equally frustrated with seeing all of my ripped baroque and classical music rather than their more contemporary fare. At the moment I have “hidden” their titles as I am the main Roon user, however one of my aims is for them to appreciate music and use the system as much as I do so I really want them to be able to see and play their own choices. Is there a way for us each to have a separate profile/account/whatever it might be called on the one Roon Core so that we can each log in and see the music we have chosen whether it is on Tidal, Qobuz or local files? Many thanks for your help. David Whistance