Different Album views

Could some of the experts please explain this to me, I have 10 albums of this artist in my library.

When going Artist/ Discography and clicking the library icon I can see only 2:

But when going Artist/ Overview, scrolling down to albums in my library I see all 10 of them:

Why this difference?

Possibly not credited as Artist rather as Composer , I don’t know the artist but it’s worth a look

How many of those 10 library albums are unidentified (by Roon)?

All credited as Artist and composer

They’re all identified.

Thanks Michel. I think this should be handed over to @support.

Another strange thing, when opening one of the 2 albums in discography/versions it shows all the others as different versions, although they’re completely different albums

Do you have an external Tag editor that you can check things like Album Name

If not MP3Tag is free , it may be worth checking that all the tags are correct , as Roon could be misinterpreting them if they are wrong

Good suggestion but please remember that although mp3Tag may be ‘free’, the developer would very much prefer a donation to keep development going. I have just bought the Mac version, which is not free. Have been using the paid for PC version for over 3 years and it has been constantly updated throughout.

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Of course , I don’t use it personally as I have a JRiver license which deals with my tag editing. Also not free (but we’ll worth it)

Checked the tags with PerfectTunes IDTags; some albums had the Artist as Artist only and not as composer. Changed the tags to Artist and Composer.
Roon did a background audio analysis but still no changes…

I can’t see this Artist as I have none of his albums locally but it may well be a clash where Roon sees him sometimes as an Artist sometimes as a Composer

Hi @Michel_VdB,

Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. I’m moving your thread over to the Metadata Support channel where we can take a closer look at what’s happening here. I’ll be back in touch once I’ve had some time to investigate.

Tjs Jamie.

Hello again @Michel_VdB,

I appears that these discs are part of the 10 disc collection Intégrale Grand Jacques but are being recognized as the individual albums due to your organization of you local library folder.

You can find more information about organizing multi-disc sets in Roon in this article from our help center.

Briefly: We recommend nesting each of the individual discs of the set inside a parent folder, as follows

Jacques Brel - Integrale Grand Jacques

        01 Track.flac
        02 Track.flac
        01 Track.flac
        02 Track.flac

From inspecting your screenshots I notice that you are treating each of the discs as separate albums in your folder structure:

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 11.34.51 AM

That will cause the problems you’re seeing with identification.

Once you’re moved all the discs inside a parent folder and renamed each disc Disc 1, Disc 2, Disc 3, etc you’ll want to rescan your library in order for Roon to properly identify the collection.

You can do this by going to the Jacques Brel Jef album, click the ellipsis button on the page, click edit, and scroll down to Re-identify album.

That should do it!

Hello @Jamie,

Tks for your swift response.
I’ve read the article and tried the various examples cited in the article.
Did rescan and re-identify.
Unfortunately, nothing changed.
Did I do it wrong, or the problem lies elsewhere?

Hereby my new folder structure: