Different android users, one tablet, all using Roon

In our complete Apple household I took the plunge last week and bought our first Android device since I was not sure how long the roon ios app will take to be released. This tablet has been assigned to the music room as the Roon remote.
On Android different users can be created for each family member running their own apps.
I was hoping that everybody could use the Roon app to control the music as their own user, but it does not seem to work at all.
Android problem? or Roon problem?
Apologies my android knowledge is very limited.

You can create different Profiles within Roon for different users. They enable different playlists, play history, bookmarks and favourites of albums, tracks and artists. You can’t change libraries, but each Profile has a different view of the same library. Go to Overview and on the right you’ll see an option to create a new Profile.

I don’t know if Profiles are persistent so that each Android user could start Roon in their own Profile, but that sounds like a neat new feature to request if it isn’t already happening !

I’m checking, but regardless, I can reproduce this issue. Thanks for the report.

As @andybob mentioned, Roon supports profiles in app. While we look into this issue, you probably want to keep the tablet set to one Android profile, and have everyone switch right in Roon.

Ahhhh thanks Mike. Appreciate.