Different artist infos on "performer" and "composer" pane

I’ve noticed this case, where there are different artist infos on “performer” and “composer” pane:


i had already noticed some differences in the 2 panes: in particular, if you tag the performer, the composer does not inherit the same tags (why???)

anyway, other examples:

(…facebook… anyway…)

this same behavior seems general: the composer page has no web links.
clearly this is particularly a nonsense in classical music, where there are a lot of composers who are not performers of any kind.
but i think that this a general problem: performer and composer shoud share all the infos: BIO, data, links… and TAGS.

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Not relevant to your point, but you shouldn’t be seeing Ludwig or Pyotr as performers anyway. I surmise you have picked up some ropey metadata from Allmusic.

Notwithstanding that, I agree with your comments re tags.

… well… how can you avoid allmusic metadata, as roon is based on them.
in this case allmusic (roon) report Pyotr as “revision” in one album… and beethoven as “liner notes” in some albums… or “original material” in another one…

in general, clearly, such composers are not perfomer. that’s why i noticed just now of the missing links… i was wondering, how it comes that there’s not a wikipedia link for Tchaikovsky?

You do when you make them (composers) primary artists on albums, like I do. Not sure if this is the best way to do things, but at least this way I can see all the albums on the composers performer page.

Nope, I can’t. I just correct (change?) It.

If it works for you, then it is. No problem.

I agree.
best way, though, would be that roon presents all albums on the composer page by default.
I think it’s a very old feature request…

That would indeed be much better, more so if an album has multiple (classical) composers. Than my ‘workaround’ doesn’t really work.