Different artwork within same compilation album

As I’m pretty new, I perhaps miss the feature and am blind but I have the following situation/request:

I have 1 big collection album (folder) of about 2000 single songs -favorites I have acquired over the years, all have separate and song specific artwork embedded in the IDtag. When I add them to Roon as 1 compilation album, Roon only shows 1 artwork of a song (e.g. The Carpenters single artwork when playing Iron Maiden …) that it considers as the album artwork. All info (artists, lyrics and bio) gets pulled correctly, it is just that album art that I cannot seem to get from the embedded file. Not even when I specify it via “edit”.

When I remove the compilation ID tag in the files Roon sees them as 2000 different albums with the separate artists; all with the same album name and having the different artwork displayed.
On its own I could manage that with playlists, but it clutters my total album view.

Looking for a smart idea (or feature I missed) to create a group of single songs without it messing up my total album view and stil having the embedded artwork shown when the song gets played.