Different build version betwen my Core and Tab

My Taiko Extreme is showing Ver1.8 Build1105, however my Samsung Tablet TabS8 Ultra where I key in all my streaming is showing Ver 1.8 build 988. My Samsung tablet setting for software update is on “auto download over wifi”. Why is there this difference and how do I fix it ? Help !!

Go to settings:about on the tablet and it should start the update

Yes I did go to settings n “abt the tablet” box. It just show the Ver 1.8, build no988 n change log in blue. The only thing that respond is the change log showing build1105 but in the box, still show build 988. Nothing else respond in the setting box. Strange !

This method does not work for (iOS and/or Android) tablets and phones. Users have to access the respective app store to (try and force) install the software. Links to the stores are available from Roon’s download page (Downloads - Roon Labs). For Android there is even a direct APK download file available (one may have to use a desktop browser {or a browser that reports itself as a desktop browser} to see the download link).

Each Android or IOS device should have an ICON to link to their respective app store. Just go there and update the app.

@Black Jack - I obviously have the Roon lab app already in my andriod tablet as I am already streaming on this tablet. I dont understand.
@ Minimalist - which icon ? Roon icon ? Samsung icon ? Its a Samsung tablet. So what/where is the icon ?

So the icon for the app store is meant. Go there and look if you can (force) update/install the Roon app.

The Android Google Play Store where you update all your apps for that phone or tablet. The app is Roon Remote.

OK Problem solved. Need to go to Roon remote app to update. Not sure why not auto update as in my Extreme. My tablet setting on app/software updates is "auto on wifi "

My iDevices have never auto-updated.

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