Different choice in Search function

Different choice in Search function,is this possible?
I have many classical albums with a composer name in the Title Tag name.
This name is different from the name of the composer from the album.
For example Ligeti has pianoworks with a track name “Adagio Mesto in memoriam Bela Bartok”.
This results in the following: I do a Search for Bartok, I see the albums of Bartok
but also the album of Ligeti with the track “Adagio Mesto in memoriam Bela Bartok”.
How can I suppress this?
The only way I found was: edit the track, bij giving theTitle Tag name: Adagio Mesto (without in memoriam Bela Bartok).
Is there an other way or work around?
Many composers of the 20th century have written music with ’ in memoriam’
or ’ hommage to’ another composer and mentioned this in the composition name (Title Tag name).


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Hey @aa_jacobs – if you’re looking for Bartok, you may want to just navigate to his Composer page?

You can also use Focus > Composers to filter your collection to only albums featuring a composer’s works.

As I mentioned in my first posting I will add more information:
A Search with magnifying glass in the right pagecorner (is always an Album Search?).
The following Search “for Bela Bartok” gives this results: see screen shots

A focus Search gives good results!