Different Elbow

This seems to be an issue coming from Tidal but I’m not sure how to report it there. This Shaids album is a different Elbow than the U.K. Alt Rock band it’s showing up under:

This also shows up under Qobuz as well, so the root cause must be with one of Roon’s metadata providers. I’ve checked AllMusic, discogs and MusicBrainz and it doesn’t show up under Elbow.

Over to @dylan & Co

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Hi @vaguedetails,

As mentioned, both TIDAL and Qobuz have this data incorrect. We generally try to make the best choice when assigning albums to an artist based on the data available, but unfortunately in this case the data is limited and the data that we do have is incorrect.

We have some ideas about how we could improve cases like this in the future, but we can’t provide any specifics or timeframes for when changes might be made at this time.

We appreciate the feedback here, Jared — The report is much appreciated.

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