Different formats - Different sound setting

Hey thereIs

Just now ive playd 1 hours off some favorits…some from my library wits is DSD 256…others from Tidal upscaled to DSD 512…MQA plays as is…
When i play these i make some adjustments on the amp…most in the bass settings to my subs…is it possible to somehow set these in ROON…so future playback is my favorite settings?..


You can make overall eq adjustments using Parametric EQ in DSP settings and save them out as presets you can toggle of/on. But you cant create these settings for a specific album or track.

Yep, i now…it was just a thought it could be nice to have

I asked for it for EQ a while ago here… Eq Preset stored in Album Metadata

It would be a useful feature.

Brian has said Roon may look into it at a future date here…

Dan…Thnks for answer…Nice to now and…keep up the good work for this Awesome software