Different modem

I need to change my modem. My set-up is modem-tp link mesh-Roon Rock through ethernet. Do I need to set up my Roon Rock again? or just plug my Roon Rock to the new modem?

Do you mean router?

You only need to consider a couple of things, is your roon rock on a fixed IP, if so turn it to DHCP.
Also check your new router IP range matches the current one, and reasonably you should be golden.

Thank you. How do I do check if I am on a fixed IP and want to turn it to DHCP?

Well you need to know its IP address in order to find out! Open roon and in settings under general your rock will show and its IP. Tap that IP into a browser such as chrome.

You will then see this screen.

I am on static, if yours is on DHCP then all is good, if not set it to DHCP then reboot it. INstall your new router, p[lug the rock in and boot up. Load roon and again check the settings and general to see its new IP.

From here you can fix the IP (not really necessary)

Hi Irwin,
You need to teach me step by step.
I have scanned the settings under general.
What shall I do next?

Dr. Lanzona

I think I am fine.
Thank you.

Dr. Lanzona

Thats correct you are on DHCP, swap out the router and plug the rock in, you should be fine. Might want to reboot the rock after

Thank you.
Reboot by turning it off and on?

Dr. Lanzona

Well yes just close it down then when the new route ris in place plug it into the new router and start it up

No. You do not.