Different numbers of tracks in my Roon library depending on where I look

I see that Roon Overview, Roon Tracks listing and Roon/Settings/Library show quite different numbers of tracks in my library. I wonder how I should go about fixing these two issues? And does it mean that some of my albums are missing? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Screen shot of Roon Overview showing 51514 tracks in my library

Screen shot of Roon Library Tracks listing showing only 50586 tracks in my library

Screen shot of Roon Settings Library showing even fewer - only 48540 tracks in my library

The last one from storage doesn’t include any streaming tracks and it looks like you have qobuz.

That makes sense, thank you.

I too have a discrepancy between the Overview page and the Track listing page, which has 64 tracks less.

The Storage report under settings matches the Overview page.

I do not have any streaming services (and never have). I have also attempted to run the library clean up under settings, which made no difference. It’s not really concerning me, just an itch I’d like to scratch. I’m wondering what different calculations are being made to end up with different results?

Difference also on overview and album page : 6135 albums on overview…6077 albums on albums view. Never managed to identify reason.

I think overview gives the Total number of albums and tracks in your library. If you have
Show hidden tracks and albums set to NO then the album.and tracks pages will be lower.
Try setting the toggle off and on in Settings, General and have a look.

Thanks again Ged.
I guess my remaining question is what are hidden tracks and albums? I wasn’t sure I was intentionally hiding any?

Toggle the switch of and on and you will see if any are hidden.
Duplicate albums are hidden, which may be the difference.

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Yes! That resolved it for me, many thanks @ged_hickman1.

Albums that are merged together as versions of the same release count as hidden albums and tracks.

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Thank you Ged. That makes perfect sense. Also what Justin says about merged albums as I have many of those, so thanks Justin for sharing that.

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