Different Play Lists on Core vs on a Remote Device

I am trying to understand why I see different play lists when I am using my core machine (Mac Book) vs a remote device (iPhone). From Roon Core I see two different sets of play lists, one called My Playlist (44 different ones) and I can also select Carl’s Playlist (34). I know it has something to do with creating a new playlist while I am listening from my remote device.

Q1 - Can I get these to sync?
Q2 - Is there an option to play all play lists (My Playlist) from my remote device?
Q3 - What is the difference between My Playlist vs Carl’s Playlists?
Q4 - Any explanation would help me better understand and manage. I think I have read all the play list documentation from Roon but I must have missed something…
Q5 - If there is a link to it, I will gladly read additional information.

Thank you in advance for any help… Carl

Playlists are tied to profiles. If you create a playlist in Roon it is tied to that profile. If you have a playlist in Tidal and add that playlist, it is added as a “Shared” playlist.

In a desktop client, you have the option of turning on/off playlists from different profiles and turning on/off Shared playlists. The mobile client does not have options to do that. It will show all Shared Playlists and any personal profile playlists.

Thanks for explaining. Just a follow-up.

Therefore, if I create a shared playlist in Roon, my roon client device/appl will then show that playlist? And a related question, can I change a playlist to a shared playlist or do I have to create a new shared playlist?

On a desktop client, you can go to your playlist, click the 3 dot menu, choose edit and then change the owner value to Shared, or move it to a different profile. Tags work the same way, btw.

Ok that works to create playlist from the desktop that can be seen/played on the remote client. Since you can not create a shared playlist from the remote client, I guess the only work around if you want only one list of playlists is to save it from the remote to a playlist, later find the song and add it to the desktop playlist, then remove it from the client playlist…

No problem if you are not following, just talking to myself… You helped me out, thanks again.

Update, I am a bit slow, you just can not do what I was trying to do since roon can not update in my case Qobuz’s playlist. This makes sense completely… At least I can share the playlist created from the desktop with my client/remote…

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