Different Qobuz album covers using paid vs beta subscription

Posted this on CA but this may be the right place.

Well there is something odd with the Qobuz / Roon integration definitely, Qobuz has no answered my ticket yet and I have not seen comments here from Qobuz related personnel either.

I received today acceptance into the beta program for another account I have created, so I have 2 accounts, one US Sublime PAID account and one US Beta Trial account.

As before my paid account shows the Brothers in Arms NON remastered thumbnail


Logged off and logged back on with the US trial account

Shows the right thumbnail


But it won’t play Money for Nothing.

Added the album to my library

Switched back to the paid subscription

Album is not longer on my library but now on the search it shows the Remastered thumbnail and it plays, same account, same software, same app, just 3 min of difference

There is something different about the BETA and the PAID subscription in terms of content etc. could be Roon’s interaction with Qobuz too.

I just hope I am not spending my “money for nothing”

To be honest it all points to a Roon integration, the Qobuz App in regards to content shows the right content.

As far as I know, the Qobuz paid subscription in the US won’t start until 2/14.

I was allowed to pay for sublime two weeks ago when I was accepted in the beta, just on the site nothing special or anything.

Much better now after switching back and forth. Something was stuck in roon somehow that’s why I reported it

Flagging the “private investigators” @support

:blush: I know, I couldn’t resist either

Hello @zbyte,

I have split your post to the support category to gather some more information.
Can I please ask you to reproduce this issue once more then:


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