Different sound from different updates (Build 571)

This is driving me insane.

My system Windows enterprise running Roon only i7 pc

End point via Cat 45 Sms-200 ultra/Meridian director DAC LPS Sbooster

Up to Roon 1.7 (Build 536) all sounded good

Roon 1.7 (Build 537) sounded slightly muffled with reduced high frequency

Roon 1.7 (Build 555) sound excellent again.

Roon 1.7 (Build 571) sounds the same as (Build 537) slightly muffled with reduced high frequency.

I don’t think all these updates are necessary for me at all! All I want to do is play music without fiddling or tinkering. If a steady solution isn’t found I’m afraid I’ll be forced to leave Roon and purchase an Auralic ALTAIR G1 and use Qobuz or TIDAL, Control via the exclusive Lightning DS app. Which is the next best thing to Roon app according to Jon Darko.

For me with QNAP TVS 471, the sound is exactly the same using Meridian or Bluesound all endpoints wired with Cat5e cables and basic switches.
No difference is sound signature at all… Nada… Nothing. It all just sounds amazing

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What do you expect from your post?

You might be inferring that you want a choice to revert to earlier versions. If that was on your mind, sorry this is not possible. Also, updates are automatic.

Lightning DS has updates too.

Ask your wife, I’m sure she will be able to appease you: this update has not affected audio quality.


I certainly haven’t found that the latest update has adversely affected sound quality in any way. It has also resolved an irritating issue that I had with Roon Radio, and so I am more than happy with the update.

As someone who has worked as a system developer in the past, irrespective of whether or not a system is running stably, I am aware that there will always be a requirement for software tweaks and new feature development with a product such as Roon that has to accommodate multiple devices, platforms and networks - not forgetting the diverse demands of a very demanding user base.

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There have been endless threads and posts about this. Despite the people who actually know because they code the blooming thing saying there’s no change there’s always one…



I’m sorry to disappoint you, but software updates exist also on the Altair G1. Like on any device that uses software… (Btw, you can check on the Auralic Community site for details on their versions)

Roon only maintains and supports the latest version of their software. Also, there is no difference in SQ other than your imagination.


@Jim_F watch out what you say or your post will also marked as inappropriate by some Roon policemen

There is no hiding that this is a corker :face_with_hand_over_mouth:!

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Have you checked Settings>Device Setup for your sMS-200 as Roon and the sMS-200 firmware get updated? I’ve not owned an SOtM endpoint in a long while, but various endpoints can silently get their settings changed with software and firmware changes. In particular, anything related to DSP, volume control, DSD playback, MQA can change sound quality. I’ve observed settings being changed silently that way with previous endpoints I’ve owned.

Build 571 sounds identical to the build before that, and the build before that and the build before that. Any changes are either a result of something else you’ve changed or are purely imaged.

There are no changes that affect audio quality. So technically and objectively impossible for you to notice any difference.


I have not the same hardware configuration, but after the last update (710) I also had SQ problems. I use the Innuos Mini Mk3.
A week before the Roon update, the Innuos got a update (1.4.6) and that update gave my system a better sound quality.
So I’m not happy with the last Roon update.
Hopefully the next Roon update will be come fast.