Different txt size and color for PART / WORK discrimination

Is it possible to make the PART display text slightly larger and maybe a different color ( like maybe light gray or the yellowish one that roon also uses for error display)

would you care to elaborate on why you’d like to have this?

When I look at the track list I would like to focus on the WORK so a change in color or a bald text would help.

I also dont like the track numbers next to the WORK like 1-3. I think the WORK would be better when displayed like a title and the track numbers are displayed next to the parts

I think it has a more clear look
here is an example from an album cover

I see - in you original post you wrote that you wanted the PART in a larger font. Your mock-up is the other way round. :slight_smile:

Personally I’m not having any problems with the current way of displaying works and parts. There a lot of other things I’d like to have implemented before discussing such display things.

Maybe others see that differently. But thanks a lot for explaining!

oopss…my bad

I meant just the opposite WORK bigger or balder, sorry

ANyway it is not an important feature request, however I had a situation.
Suppose that you have a work with 5 parts and the track numbers indicate 1-5. If by mistake or whatever reason one of the parts is missing or deleted or you dont have it lets say part 3 is missing… the display shows 1-4 not 1-2 and 3-5. Since It has been mentioned that a new UI is on the way, so maybe developers will take minor UI requests into account in the process.

My fervent prayer would be to have nothing in all caps, which is the way it is currently, AFAIK.